John Steinmetz

bassoonist, composer, writer, satirist, speaker


On My Way (2010)

About 10 minutes. Text adapted by Nancy Ancharski from Eloise Greenfield's book For the Love of the Game: Michael Jordan and Me. The words concern how a person finds a path in life. The chorus includes parts that can be sung by older children, adults, or soloists. The audience joins the singing.

Commissioned by Sonad Project, Keene Elementary Choirs, and Keene Chamber Orchestra. Premiered by Keene Chamber Orchestra and Keene Elementary Choirs.

Video of the premiere:


Permiered by Amman Symphony Orchestra (Jordan) and Keene Chamber Orchestra (NH).


Commissioned and premiered by Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra (Kenneth Munday, bassoon; Jeffrey Kahane, conductor), Keene Chamber Orchestra (NH) (Joy Flemming, bassoon; Eric Stumacher, conductor), Santa Rosa Symphony (John Steinmetz, bassoon; Jeffrey Kahane, conductor).

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