John Steinmetz

bassoonist, composer, writer, satirist, speaker

Chamber Music

A Little Traveling Music

A single movement, about 30 minutes, traveling through different moods and styles. Commissioned by Jeannine D. Burky. Premiered by Jeannine D. Burky, clarinet; Renée Redman, horn; Stephen Kamin, piano.

War Scrap

10 short musical snapshots connected with war. Commissioned by Pacific Serenades. Recorded on Pacific Serenades "War Scrap: That We May Have Peace"
Belinda Broughton, violin; David Speltz, cello; Antoinette Perry, piano; David Johnson, percussion.
(CD booklet includes photogaphs by John Steinmetz.)

Simple Pleasures

Commissioned by South Bay Chamber Music Society for their 40th anniversary. Premiered by Xtet.


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